Memories of Aylestone Meadows

Aylestone Meadows has a rich and vibrant history intrinsically tied to Leicester’s industrial past. It has been and is a place for fun and reflection, for those who have visited and those who continue to visit it.

The Story of Parks is a Heritage Lottery Funded community project run in conjunction with Leicester City Council that aims to help local people explore and discover the history of Leicester’s parks. A part of this project is uncovering the oral history that is tied to these parks and green spaces. We would like find and record memories of Aylestone Meadows, to enhance our oral history archive of Leicester’s parks.

All memories are welcome, be they of time spent in this impressive green space with family, friends or alone, significant events that have happened in your time knowing Aylestone Meadows, and anything else that conjures up when you think of the meadows.

If you were interested in taking part in this project, we would encourage you to get in contact for a chat about what your memories are and how we would be able to speak to you. Sound recordings are done of every meeting we do, and a copy of this would be sent to you. Recordings will be used for research by the other strand of the project as a tool to better understand Leicester’s parks history. If permission is granted your recording will be deposited in a local archive for use by future historians, students and the public.

Once you have got in touch we would organise a date and time beneficial for you for the recording to take place. Recordings would be undertaken by a trained volunteer, and this can be done in the comfort of your own home or in a local space convenient to you.

Get in contact with us either through storyofparks@leicester.gov.uk or 07590444416.