AMAS has a long and proud history as a campaigning organisation.  In 2011 we fought a long, hard and ultimately successful campaign against Leicester City Council’s plans to build a large-scale football development on the Nature Reserve.  We were at the forefront of a coalition of environmental organisations who joined together to oppose this totally inappropriate planning application which eventually went ahead on a nearby less sensitive site.

We have opposed a number of planning applications, with various levels of success.  For example, we successfully opposed plans to fell two mature horse chestnut trees at the entrance to the LNR on Marsden Lane.  We were less successful in our attempts to prevent some flats being built alongside the canal at Canal Street, although plans for a four-storey development were reduced to three.

In 2016 we successfully lobbied the Council to carry out repairs to the Mediaeval Packhorse Bridge.

AMAS has joined with the ‘End of the Road Campaign’ to try to ensure that no future link road may be built between Narborough Road and Aylestone Road.

AMAS has signed up to the Woodland Trust’s “Tree Charter”, recognising the importance of trees for our landscape, environment and the wildlife they support.

We lobbied the City Council to provide improved disabled access facilities onto the Great Central Way, culminating in the opening of a new access ramp in June 2021.

We are working with the Council to tackle anti-social behaviour and vandalism on the Meadows. Our lobbying activities are ongoing; we are in touch with local councillors, police, city council officers and the City Mayor, ensuring that Aylestone Meadows retains a high profile and that the importance of the site is not lost on the City Council.