Events and Activities

AMAS is active throughout the year with regular monthly activities and occasional one-off events.

Litter: We hate it! We do litter-picks on the last Tuesday of every month except December. Anyone wishing to take part should notify the Chairperson, so that we can ensure we have enough equipment for everyone.

Conservation tasks: This is a big part of our commitment to the Meadows. We organise a range of conservation activities, and members receive invitations to take part in these.
Our members also join with LEV (Leicester Environmental Volunteers, run by Leicester City Council) to carry out a range of tasks across the Meadows and on Aylestone Playing fields.

AMAS is active behind the scenes:

Aylestone Meadows Management Plan  We have made positive contributions to the City Council’s management plan for Aylestone Meadows and we are in regular consultation with them over management issues which arise.

Tip Top Meadow  We have been working closely with the City Council to transform a derelict play area on high ground near Pebble Beach and turn it into a wildflower meadow.  We have sowed seeds and planted plugs over two winters and are now seeing the beginnings of a diverse wildflower meadow which attracts a wide range of pollinating insects.  The work is ongoing and the area is being landscaped in a naturalistic way by the City Council to further enhance the area.

Himalayan Balsam  We are committed to keeping the canal towpath between Marsden Lane and Mill Lock clear of Himalayan Balsam.

Lupin Hill  We have done regular bramble clearance on the mound area known as Lupin Hill to make way for wildflowers and escaped garden lupins. Our actions have made a huge difference to this area which was once colonised by dense brambles. As always with conservation, a balance has to be struck. Brambles provide food and cover for a variety of small birds and mammals as well as being favoured by some moths and butterflies for laying their eggs, the leaves providing food for the young caterpillars. See our dedicated brambles page. However, there is an abundance of bramble throughout the Aylestone Meadows. Our work at Lupin Hill has opened up the site to a variety of wildflowers which previously didn’t stand a chance, including some rarities. Now the cow parsley puts on a spectacular show in May, there are primroses, violets, foxgloves, cowslips, Michaelmas daisies and many others, so we think that overall it is a biodiversity gain.

Guided Walks   In recent years we have held regular guided walks, including a birdsong walk, a nature walk, a bat walk and various wild food walks, led by local experts, supporters or members.

Facebook and photos   Our Facebook group is always very active and we have some wonderful photographs taken by friends and members.  There are always lively discussions in our Facebook group, and information about activities can usually be found there as well.

Socials  Our community picnics, apple days and other get-togethers have been great fun.  All our events are sociable and friendly – come and join us.

All members and friends are welcome on our activities.  Group numbers are limited and advance booking is essential.  Please note that LEV activities require you to join Leicester Environmental Volunteers first.

For an up-to-date list of forthcoming events, please refer to the Events section of the AMAS Facebook group.

AMAS has a history as a campaigning organisation. In 2011 we fought a long, hard and ultimately successful campaign against plans to build a large-scale football development on the Nature Reserve. We were at the forefront of a coalition of organisations who joined together to oppose this totally inappropriate planning application. Football pitches were eventually created on a nearby site, which is much more suitable. We have opposed or commented on a number of other planning applications, with various levels of success, and we have lobbied the City Council on matters we consider important for the future of the Meadows. For example:
– We successfully opposed plans to fell two mature horse chestnut trees at the entrance to the Local Nature Reserve on Marsden Lane.
– In 2016 we successfully lobbied the Council to carry out repairs to the Mediaeval Packhorse Bridge.
– In 2019 AMAS joined with the ‘End of the Road Campaign’ to try to ensure that no future link road may be built between Narborough Road and Aylestone Road.
– We have signed up to the Woodland Trust’s “Tree Charter”, recognising the importance of trees for our landscape, environment and the wildlife they support.
– For many years, we lobbied the City Council to provide improved disabled access facilities onto the Great Central Way, culminating in the opening of a new access ramp in June 2021.

We continue to work with the Council to tackle anti-social behaviour and vandalism on the Meadows. Our lobbying activities are ongoing; we are in touch with local councillors, police, City Council officers and the City Mayor, ensuring that Aylestone Meadows retains a high profile, and that the importance of the site is not lost.